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May 4th's NDC Event - Overview

The National Diversity Coalition hosted it's first Membership event on Friday, May 4, 2018.

The purpose of the event was to recruit new members from a growing group of individuals, businesses, and organizations that have expressed interest in joining NDC. 

During the event, Faith Bautista, NDC President-CEO, addressed the group of 60 participants by giving an overview of NDC history, mission and the many accomplishments achieved both in our past, as well as, the most recent actions we have engaged in. Faith was followed by Jin Sung, NDC Board Chair. Jin expressed why she had joined NDC and how by joining together we can develop a strong presence and voice of advocacy.

Jin explained why we decided to become a 501 c (3) nonprofit recognizing the impact we were having and wanting to secure our ongoing efforts in a more formalized manner. NDC has been given favor and access with authority figures in government and business that is unprecedented amongst advocacy organizations. Jin explained our "triangular strategy" that includes NDC, Corporations, and Federal Regulators working towards 1) diversity, 2) economic empowerment and 3) social responsibility.

Board member and New Member Committee Chair, Richard Ramos, delivered a message of inspiration to the group; "Show up, Stand up, Speak up." Richard talked about why he joined NDC by drawing on examples of how our government and others decision makers have a long history of failing us, "the people", on a number of levels. Although we live in the best and greatest country in the world, there are still many problems we are facing. 

Richard recognized that NDC allows us to have a voice at the table and thus took advantage of the opportunity to speak truth to power and joined NDC in 2015.

The event ended with Faith inviting all in the room to stand and give a brief introduction of themselves and the company or organization they represent. It is our hope that those who attended will join NDC and help us to continue to be a "Voice for the Voiceless"!  

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