We're Hiring!

Internship/Fellowship Program

Work description
Duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:
Grant Applications: Research, prepare and submit grants application to Federal/State funding programs and Private programs including various banks and utility companies.
• Policy Research: Conduct research around Federal/ state government policies and regulations
including Executive orders, Guidelines, staff opinions and other legal documents from federal and state regulators including but not limited to: DOJ, SEC, FTC, FCC, FDIC, OCC, CFPB etc.
• Legal research: Conduct research in Security, Antitrust and Corporate law area specially M&A,
Corporate governance, Corporate Social Responsibility.
• Grants Research: Assist in conducting in-depth research on funding possibilities for programs and initiatives. Assist in source identification, feasibility analysis, and the proposal drafting process.


Events Preparation/Planning:
• Assist in fundraising, producing events, analyzing strategic plans;
• Assisting with planning and implementation of fundraising events;
• Assisting with community outreach, including building relationships with professionals, updating the
client information and referral database, and presentations within the community.


Desired Qualifications:
• Passion for non-profit advocacy
• Currently pursuing or completed College degree in business administration, public policy or related field
• Computer Proficiency, especially Microsoft Office and Google Suite
• Knowledge of social media platforms
• Communication skills: verbal and written
• Self-motivated, adaptable, and able to multi-task
• Strong organizational and time management skills


Please email resume and cover letter to prachi@nationaldiversitycoalition.org