Find your power as a leader and invest in your advocacy skills for your community


Bob Gnaizda, renowned and accomplished crusader for the underdog, mentored generations of young people with leadership potential. Now we carry on his legacy and ask you to apply to be a Bob Gnaizda Youth Leader.



We are looking for 5 high school seniors and college freshmen who:


  • Care about issues affecting their communities

  • Like working collaboratively to solve big problems

  • Have an interest in politics and lawmaking


How will you learn with us?


  • Attend one or two group meetings by zoom per month in October through March

  • Do some light reading about current issues and advocacy work

  • Work with your group to focus on an important issue and brainstorm ideas to bring to lawmakers

  • Travel with our National Diversity Coalition advocacy team to Washington DC in March to meet with lawmakers 


How can you apply?


  • Fill out the online application here by October 15

  • Find a trusted adult (teacher, coach, pastor, etc.) to write you a recommendation


This will be the Bob Gnaizda Leaders pilot program year, which means that we’ll be working together with you to chart out a meaningful, fun course



What will you gain from this program?


  • A free trip to Washington DC to meet powerful leaders

  • Experience with advocacy and leadership

  • Meeting other like-minded young people

  • The ongoing support of a powerful network of experienced advocates and community leaders


AUGUST 5, 2020